Velosi Plant Design Engineers (V-PDE)

Velosi Plant Design Engineers (V-PDE) is a specialist (survey and engineering) company providing services and solutions to capture, model and manage as-built plant information.
Combining leading edge 3D Data Capture, 3D Modeling and 3D Data Management technology and solutions with trained professional personnel, global office locations, V-PDE's suite of services and solutions  known as Plant Data Solutions has been utilized by Owner Operators, Engineering Design Consultants and Fabricators to ensure they have the most accurate and updated plant information for their capital projects.

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Plant Data Capture

The starting point of a 3D as-built project is to capture dimensional and positional information of the project location known as 3D point clouds...

Plant Data Modeling

The 3D as-built point cloud is then converted in the office into 3D CAD objects to represent plant components by discipline such as piping, structure, equipment etc...

Plant Data Management

An integral part of Plant Data Solutions is the delivery of the as-built data in a data portal system that will allow clients to easily distribute and access to the project...